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Tutoring Services

Our tutors are not only reading teachers or homework helpers and therapists’ providers of services, but also a source of general support for the child and family.  Our tutor-therapist-remedial reading teacher-counselor-mentor acts as a personal liaison with the child, his school, and his family.  We will teach our students to overcome their stumbling blocks, by becoming aware of their strengths; how to learn best; to understand their sensory processing learning style; to overcome life’s difficulties; and reduce stress under testing conditions, as well as bullying.


Tailored approach

Personal attention

Each family and child in need will first have an appointment with our licensed school psychologist who has worked with young children with learning issues over many years to program each child’s session.


HCHC, Inc. offers speech and language therapy, applied behavior analysis, remedial reading therapies and help with students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and autism.  Our tutors will remediate and help oversee a range of problems.


We will be correcting reading problems of children from Kindergarten through third or fourth grades. 


We have tutors who work with home-schooled children, children who are doing poorly in school, children who need help to prepare for achievement tests, and children who are feeling incompetent and stressed.


Our tutors can spend four to five days per week or one to two hours each day or two times per week for one-hour-and-a-half session (90 minutes.)  They will prepare to direct each lesson with concise and workable concepts using diagnostic teaching technology, special children’s books, structure, counseling, nurturing and humor.

Our first approach will be 10 to 20 sessions for a one-and-one-half-hour weekly program. Some children may need a two or three times per week programming.  Some will do well with one time per week with homework.


Each session is $120.00.  Ten sessions is $1,200.00 and 20 sessions is $2,400.  Our initial evaluation to discern the actual reasons why the child is not learning to read will be uncovered.


A personalized Reading Program will be developed.  Our initial evaluation session and write-up is $250.00.



Who We Are

Dr. Frieda Spivack, School Psychologist and Executive Director, Ely Spivack, Associate Director, Sarah Ferstendig, Remedial Therapist and BCBA teacher and their team of colleagues are a group of highly innovative licensed educators who have many combined years of teaching, research, and expertise to create a tutorial system for young readers.  We specialize in teaching young children how to read fluently and understand what is read effectively.

Passionate and friendly

Working with you

Contact us

HCHC Tutorial Services offers a unique alternative to children having difficulties learning to read.  Once we determine what specific learning issues to focus upon, we will use our combined expertise to create a powerful programmatic, technological, and developmental experience designed exclusively for your child.


Our tutors are experienced and knowledgeable in many subject areas and capable of handling various academic and family-related issues. 


HCHC, Inc. has been in business for close to 40 years working with normal, disabled, and autistic youngsters.  We have many approaches to tailor the needs of young children helping them to become successful leaders.


Successful readers are successful students in school. 


We will send our educators to your home in Brooklyn or Queens or the child and escort can come to our centers in Bushwick or East New York, Brooklyn.

Call Anna, at 718-604-5283 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., for a brochure of our program.


If you are interested in having your young child tested for a reading diagnosis, please download and fill out the following questionnaire and return it to our office.




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